Complimentary Samples

First Steps

Since you have arrived at this site you are already feeling some spiritual impulse that makes of you an explorer. Gladys takes your hand and opens the door to basic principles that lay a foundation to spiritual growth.


These recordings lead the truth-seeker to take the right first steps along a personal spiritual path.


Deeper Explorations

For decades Gladys traveled all over the United States giving classes on truth topics from The Bible, from mystics of the world and from the writings of Joel S. Goldsmith who was her inspiration and the original Infinite Way Teacher.


Each of these recordings is a gold mine of wisdom for serious God seekers.

For nearly five decades Gladys taught her students spiritual principles for successful living. Many of her lessons were recorded as an aid to further study.


You can find samples of these tools for success in daily living in the audio recordings of Gladys Universal. With practice you can become the peace that you are seeking.  Try a free sample.

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